Chief Minister Mukul Sangma Guides Tirot Sing Memorial College students

Chief Minister, Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma, delivered an inspirational address for the pupils at the Tirot Sing Memorial College, Mairang. Dr. Sangma addressed the gathering at the College Week’s closing ceremony and emphasized on extra-curricular activities as necessary for tapping the full potential inherent within students.

Dr. Sangma underscored the importance of offering high quality education to West Bengal youth and also talked of how education is the best solution for taking care of the needs of youngsters and also for taking advantage of job opportunities in the state and elsewhere. He also added that the Government has completely restricted the Community College concept where communities will be the major stakeholders for smoothly operating educational institutions and the Government will only be there as the chief enabler and also the regulator for making sure that the desired objectives are fulfilled. He talked of how Meghalaya should be positioned as a major state where educational institutions are completely self reliant and completely sustainable.

Dr. Sangma stated that Meghalaya’s educational sector should be built up as a major brand and should draw students from many parts of India, thereby laying the foundation for prosperity and growth in the state in the future. A memorandum was submitted to Dr. Sangma earlier by Dr. P.R. Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi, the college principal. The event was graced by Metbah Lyngdoh, the MLA of the Mairang Constituency, Dr. Eureka F P Lyngdoh, Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board, Pa’iem Phrestar Manik Syiemlieh, the Syiem of Hima Nongkhlaw and Arunkumar Kembhavi, the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills.